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In a decision arrived at by the FCA Executive Board, three new members were accepted into the governing body of the Fencing Confederation of Asia. Mr. KIM HI YONG of Korea was admitted back as FCA Vice President in lieu of Saleh Al-Heimeidi (QAT) who begged off following his resignation from the Qatar Fencing Federation. Mr. KIM served as FCA VP from 2013 to 2016 by virtue of Korea being the host of the 2014 Asian Games.

The president of the Bahrain Fencing Federation, Sheikh EBRAHIM AL-KHALIFA assumed the position of FCA Director for West Asia, following the resignation of Mr. Sami Al Bakr from the Saudi Arabian Fencing Federation.

The president of the Kyrgyzstan Fencing Federation, Mr. OSMONZSHAN KASYMOV was designated as FCA Director for Central Asia, a position which was left unfilled after the FCA elections in 2016.

The three additions now completes the 17 man FCA Executive Board as provided for by the amended FCA Constitution.