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    In the calendar of events of the Olympic Council of Asia, the 3rd edition of the Asian Youth Games is scheduled to be held in Shantou China on November 20 to 28, 2021. This quadrennial competition was supposed to have been held in Surabaya Indonesia in 2017, but because of the 2018 Asian Games that were in Jakarta, the AYG in 2017 was cancelled. The 2nd AYG were held in Nanjing China in 2013, while the inaugural AYG was celebrated in Singapore in 2009.

    Unfortunately, we recently learned that our sport of Fencing is not in the program of the 2021 AYG which was decided by the Olympic Council of Asia last year. Nonetheless, I already made our official representation with the OCA and together with the assistance of President Wang Haibin of the Chinese Fencing Association, the Chinese Olympic Committee and the local organizers of the 2021 AYG have committed to fully support our request

    Fencing was included and widely participated in during the 2013 AYG in Nanjing, though our sport missed the first edition in Singapore which included only a minimum number of sports.