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    With all the speculations on whether the Tokyo Olympics will push through this July, many International Federations including the FIE continue to prepare for their respective qualifying competitions relevant to the Olympic Games. In this connection, the FIE will also announce soon the new schedules of the remaining World Cup and Grand Prix competitions which are part of the ranking system leading to the Olympics.

    Unless new developments will necessitate some changes, our Olympic Qualifying Competition scheduled to be held in Seoul Korea on April 15 and 16, 2021 stays.

    Since all continental Qualifiers are deemed important to determine the final list of athletes that will be eligible to compete in the Olympic Games, all measures should be undertaken to ensure that these competitions are held considering the current pandemic. In view of this, the FCA Executive Board has recently approved to re-schedule the Asian Fencing Championships to June (similarly with other Confederations).

    In this way, there will be a much smaller number of athletes and officials for a two day competition, making the Qualifiers more manageable to organize while implementing the required health protocols. Please note that the AFC usually involve more than 500 competitors and officials over a 6 day competition schedule.